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Canon EOS 20D (Chapter 1) Instructional Guide by QuickPro Camera Guides

Kaleb Taylor : Cant tell if shes spitting heat or this beat is fire
little duckie reborn nursery : AWESOME video very simple explanation easy to understand thanks so much new subscriber
cherry Jadoon : How to share images from this camera ..plz tell me
Yisus Christ : Man, I deleted my photos
Jury Ghaly : Okay so I got whatsapp on my phone, and on my laptop and basically what I do is that I put the memory card on my laptop and send the pics to my friend on whatsapp, so when I open my phone it's automatically in my chat since I sent it on my whatsapp account and I just save the photo

Canon EOS 20D 8.2MP Digital SLR Camera Review/Tutorial

This is the first of many new videos coming to my channel. I have upgraded my camera from a Canon Powershot A470 to a Canon Powershot SX260 IS Which Shoots videos in 1080p HD w/ dual stereo sound. I hope you enjoy this video if you do please like, comment, and subscribe. It really helps me out:-) You can view this item \u0026 sample pictures (at the bottom of the listing) on Ebay @ http://tinyurl.com/86zdjzc also If you need the manual you can download it for free @ http://tinyurl.com/7bywaaq
discuss21 : Owned one from new. This is an excellent camera and the build quality is very high. It an excellent sports, landscape, travel, wildlife, portrait and general purpose camera. I recently bought several high quality canon lenses rather than waste money buying a new camera body. The results are amazing. It feels like a new camera that delivers even better picture results. I have also met other 20D owners who remain very pleased with the performance.
Danna Brito : Late, but i hope you didn't cut your nails do whatever you want dude, don't listen to others
Herb Valdez : Was given one of these as a gift, this video helped out a lot...subscribed!
That_Canon_Guy's Reviews : This is one of the best inexpensive cameras for sports photography as it shoots @ 5fps. The 40D is, in my opinion the ideal entry level sports photography camera since it as some additional features (such as 10mp, 6.5fps, and a larger buffer)
That_Canon_Guy's Reviews : It uses all CF type I and II cards (Compact Flash).

무려 16년된 dslr 카메라 canon eos 20d 이게 레트로지!! #캐논20d 리뷰

#캐논20d #canon20d #영업왕백대리

비틀즈를 너무 많이샀다... D에 몰빵.......

레트로감성 뿜뿜 입문용 dslr로 안성맞춤!
dslr 카메라 한번 갖고싶은분!
사진도 잘찍히고 인테리어 용품으로도 훌륭한
캐논 20d와 물물교환을 하고싶으신 분께서는
댓글 혹은
yhot75@naver.com 이곳으로 이메일 부탁드리겠습니다^^
abjs qnj : 비틀즈 활용한게 기발하네요! 항상 기발하게 영상 편집하셔서 보는재미가 있습니다 :) 카메라도 꼭 물물교환 되길 바랍니다 ☺️
jay kim : 셔터소리가 참 좋네요 사진도 완전 갬성 가득한게 좋아보이네요!! 물물교환 해드릴게 없어서 참 아쉬울뿐입니다 ..ㅠㅠ
기묘빈 : 16년된 카메라인데도 화질이 정말 좋은데요?
오늘 영상 구성이 너무 재미있었어요!!!!
다음 사진 비교영상 기대할게요!!?!
e j : 예전에 사진에 취미가 생겨서 입문용으로 샀던 카메라네요!!! 24-70 렌즈랑 잘 써오다가 조금 더 높은 퀄리티의 사진을 위해 Eos 6D와 영상촬영용으로 60D를 구매했습니당 렌즈도 24-105로 바꿨는데.. 진짜 사진 잘 나와서 참 좋았어요!! 이제 거의 안쓰고 있네요폰 카메라가 더 편한것 같아서용 노트20 울트라 입니다!!
가족끼리 여행이나 행사가 있으면은 카메라를 사용합니다!
곰돌이 : 안녕하세요♡
어제 실시간 영상 잘 봤어요^^ 앞으로도 응원할께요 건강하세요~




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